New water saving system is clean and green

With a commitment to recycling close to 100% of its water, CleanCo Palmerston North truck wash is helping prevent any contaminants from entering the stormwater system, with its water saving system.

Water saving at about 95%

The large automatic gantry, which runs on an eight-minute wash cycle, is part of a Kärcher water recycling system. Five tanks, holding either 10,000 or 20,000 litres, process the water and filter any contaminants or ‘sludge’ or manure from stock trucks.

About 95% of the water kept is recycled. Rainwater tanks on the roof top up the rest.

A washing crew, aided by the large, new automatic gantry, can have a truck or bus sparkling and ready for the road again in about half an hour. Finishing is done by hand.

Crews take about half an hour per truck.

Palmerston North major North Island hub

Palmerston North is a major hub for the distribution of goods and logistics for the North Island. With many of CleanCo’s existing clients already based in the Manawatū the new, purpose-built site means it can be part of the area’s growth. The team had been operating from a site just down the road.

Some of CleanCo Palmerston North’s key clients include Foodstuffs and other food carriers with strict sanitary requirements (some of these have to wash their trucks every week). Plus fuel tankers and stock trucks. Stock trucks, as you’d expect, can carry a lot of dirt, effluent and manure. That can be tricky to wash. But it’s important to be able to wash them effectively. Then dispose of the dirt in an environmentally friendly way.

And it’s not just trucks that can benefit from the wash or the environmentally friendly ethos. Caravan and motorhome owners are welcome to bring in their vehicles for an environmentally friendly wash, too.

Exerp from Stuff article, also published in the Manawatu Standard: Environmental sheen to CleanCo’s Palmerston North truck wash site.