Office (09) 622 2020
331 Neilson St, Onehunga, Auckland

Office (07) 572-1741
64 Port Side Drive, Mount Maunganui,

0800 WASH ME (927 463)
15 Crawford Street, Hamilton
(on the roundabout)

Why choose CleanCo?

We’re clean all over New Zealand, because that’s where you travel.


Professional Clean

You will get a professional clean because we use the right chemicals, we wash indoors and we apply the best washing techniques. A clean truck is the best billboard for your company!


Trucks are driven immediately

Trucks are driven immediately after washing - this dries out the brakes and prevents corrosion on the discs and drums.


Environmentally friendly

We treat and dispose of our waste water through a triple purification system. Washing vehicles at your own premises and disposing of the waste water incorrectly or down a storm water drain can carry an infringement fine.


A dirty truck will get stopped

A dirty truck will get stopped more often when at the scales for citations or violations than a clean truck. Trust CleanCo to keep your truck glistening!