CleanCo TruckWash specialises in cleaning commercial vehicles to a high standard – to help promote your business brand out on the road.

Regular cleaning helps keep your truck in good condition and prolong the life of bodywork and curtains.

It’s important to keep on top of road grime, tar and dirt, which will help reduce time servicing, on CoFs and repairs. Plus, it doesn’t take that long – we’ll clean your truck in as little as 30 minutes (it takes a bit longer if it’s really dirty).

If you have a fleet talk to your local site manager about volume discounts.

Here's How It Works

Most of our washing is done under cover. When you pull into the wash bay our crew ‘attack’ your truck much like a pit crew does in a car race. Everyone has their assigned job. First we waterblast the truck to get rid of hard-to-remove dirt. Next our crews use soft sponges and brushes and soap to clean areas with lots of grooves, like the chassis, truck decals. Wheels are cleaned using sponges. The cab, chassis, underbody and deck are all washed in detail. Lastly the truck is rinsed off and it’s ready for the road again.

We welcome your input during the wash, or feedback after, to make sure you’re 100% happy.


Tyre shine

Choose to have your tyres cleaned with tyre revival.


Food, agricultural and health sector customers need to be assured that their goods are transported in clean and hygienic conditions. We offer industry-standard interior sanitisation.

Excess dirt removal

If your truck hasn’t been washed in a while. No problem. To remove road grime or excessive dirt our crews use concentrated soap.

Tar removal

Many of our drivers give us a heads up and send photos to show where the tar is worst. We have specialist products that help get rid of tar.

Steam cleaning

Most of our sites offer steam cleaning. This is especially effective for chassis and underbodies.


The final process for a sparkling truck – polish and shine.

Your local site manager’s happy to quote on any optional extras you choose.


We’re enviro friendly

We’re environmentally compliant and strive to make our business as green as possible. This means using a general, non-corrosive detergent that’s Ministry for Primary Industries approved and managing waste water residual from truckwashing sensitively. Washing trucks without careful management of waste water can incur big fines.

You’re back on the road - fast

We’ll have your truck washed in around 30 minutes and you can drive straight away – this dries out the brakes and prevents corrosion on the discs and drums.

A dirty truck will get stopped more often when at the scales for citations or violations than a clean truck.

No booking

Just call or come on in when close by to see what lanes are free.

Please check our locations for details of services and opening hours: