Just come in to our key located Wash Sites at Highbrook in Auckland, Onehunga in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga where our friendly staff will take you through what options are available if you have not already done so via our web site or please call us.

If you are interested in a Mobile Wash which is available in Auckland and Wellington then please visits the Thor Mobile Wash site so you get an overview of what we provide and contact the Auckland office direct on 09 489 3838.

It depends on the Truck but as a guide 20 -30mins and a hint is if you arrive at the Truck Wash and there is a truck in the queue ahead of you in the wash assume it will be 20 mins before you get washed.

Highbrook in Auckland, Onehunga in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch 1st quarter 2019.

When a customer pulls a truck into the wash bay we have a tried and efficient wash process where our people have assigned positions and specific tasks. Basically they will water blast off surface dirt, soap, clean and rinse the body and chassis. They will hand wash the cab and wheels and for the likes of Tankers and Skelly’s, hand wash and brush the tanks and chassis.

Yes we can provide a simple clean to a detailed groom and price is upon request and booking recommended. If you want a simple vacuum we have them free on site.

Yes we can and bookings are required. We have a specialized 11m long pit and designated area and two steam cleaners for specialist cleaning requirements.

Yes, we have speciality trained staff for even the most demanding jobs like a complete clean for a Bitumen Tanker for a COF or a pre paint or for a vehicle being exported.

Yes, we have a Mobile Unit in Auckland and Wellington.

We are very conscious of the products we use and continually evaluating what is available to not only do the best wash job and protect your asset but as friendly as possible with the envioprmnet. We use Bio Degrable products whenever possible and take waste treatment of water very seriously. At the CleanCo Static Sites we capture the waste which is then separated into a triple interceptor. The triple interceptor then separates the waste of the heavy sediment so primarily the carbons and PH levels are within council-approved standards before the resulting waste water is disposed of. We have our triple interceptor cleaned regularly by a waste professional and the water quality is tested by an independent party and reported on a regular basis to the Council, who also conduct their own checks to ensure we are in-compliance.

When we use our Mobile Equipment we trap the waste and vacuum up to our on board filtration system so that we could water the garden after processing.

At Onehunga we provide all services 24 hours a day and for our other sites please refer to the web page.

We have Web cameras at Auckland and Tauranga and are trialing an APP to be made available to all our customers which link to the many cameras we have operating at Highbrook, Onehunga and Tauranga. Otherwise just give us a call.