Why it’s important to stick to the speed limit

When trucks go over the speed limit or travel at higher speeds than they should, there are many risks. Risks that can impact the truck driver and other drivers, too.

There is obviously an increased accident risk when truck drivers speed due to having reduced reaction time and also less control over the truck. This may also impact your load. Check out NZTA speed limits for truck drivers. The limits are for driving in good road conditions. In bad weather or when the road is in poor condition, drive more slowly than these limits.

Check out NZTA site for speed limits.

Stopping distance changes when you go over the speed limit

When going above the safe speed limit the stopping distance of a truck increases significantly. Following on from this, if a truck is travelling too fast, the distance required to come to a complete stop is longer. This may be critical in an emergency. And again, this may mean you lose some of your load, your trailer may fork, you are carrying dangerous goods or you may damage your truck etc.

Be Aware of your Load, Especially if You’re Carrying Dangerous Goods.

If you speed you also use more fuel and reduce the overall efficiency of the truck. This not only has a more negative impact on the environment, there’s also likely to be more wear and tear on the truck. A higher maintenance bill may result.

Of course, you might also receive a fine and infringement points. Get too many of those and you might be off the road for a while.

Your company name is out there for all to see

As well, your truck is likely signwritten with your company or the owner’s company branding. People may report you for driving too fast and it may damage the reputation of the truck’s owner.

There are advanced safety technologies available, such as speed limiters. Truck drivers get warned if they go over a certain speed or the truck itself monitors the speed.