Before your CoF – what you need to know

Getting your Certificate of Fitness (CoF) for your truck means making sure that your vehicle meets safety and emissions standards set by Waka Kotahi (NZTA). It is most often valid for six months and you need one if your truck weighs over 3,500 kgs. Read on for some tips for a smooth experience.

Do a pre-inspection check

Make sure your truck is clean and tidy, preferably have a steam clean. Have it washed beforehand. Check that your lights and indicators are clean and all working. Replace any bulbs that are out. Check your brakes, replace any worn brake pads. Same with tyres, replace any with low tread and check their general condition too. Are the wheels and rims in good condition? Check your suspension. Fix up anything you can actually see.

Make sure your truck is clean before the inspection.

Keep up the maintenance before your CoF

It might be obvious but keeping up with regular maintenance schedules means fewer surprises. It’s important to have your truck serviced regularly.

When you turn up to your inspection make sure you have the necessary paperwork with you. Make sure your rego is current, you have your licence handy and bring any modification certificates with you, too.

Make yourself familiar with the Waka Kotahi website

You can find a list of approved inspection providers on the Waka Kotahi (NZTA) website. On the website you’ll also find a checklist to check off before your inspection.

Check emissions standards and load securing before your CoF

If your truck runs on diesel, make sure it meets emissions standards. Check and clean the exhaust pipes if necessary. Make sure your road user charges are paid up. Next, check that your load securing system is in good condition. Lastly, look over your truck for any structural damage. This will include the chassis, as well as the body.

If you fail – you will be given the reasons why and you will have 28 days to get things right before another inspection.

NZTA has the most accurate and up-to-date information about CoFs so it pays to check the website before you start your CoF process.