Why Choose Us?


We do a great job, we do it to a high standard, we do it fast and we do it consistently at all our locations.

  • Truckies love us

    Truckies love us because we make their trucks gleam and we also look after your drivers in our Drivers Lounge. A comfortable place to wait while we wash.

  • Fleet managers

    Fleet managers know that we offer keen pricing supported by reliable service for all sizes of truck and commercial vehicle cleaning.

  • Training and support

    As employers we are known for training and supporting our staff to enjoy our honest teamwork environment.

We try to make stopping for a clean as straightforward as possible for you. 

Our web cams at Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton allow you to see whether there’s a queue so you can decide to visit the truck wash now or come along later.

Our friendly office team are on hand to answer phone calls and update you on how busy we are.  Sometimes they bake cookies for the drivers too!

We support industry events and we are always on the lookout for useful products and services for our customers.

If you can think of a way we can serve you better - tell us!

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cleanco truckwash staff washing truck

How do CleanCo wash a Truck

When a customer pulls a truck into the wash bay, our employees "attack" the truck in a very organised manner, much like a professional pit crew attacks a race car during a pit stop. Every employee has an assigned position and specific tasks that must be performed. We also welcome input by the driver during the wash. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with the wash you are receiving. When everyone pulls together, the wash team wins, and more importantly, our customers win.


How fast can CleanCo wash a truck?

Our experienced crews can wash a complete curtain slider 8 axle semi (tractor and trailer) in less than 20 minutes, but a really dirty job will take longer.


Does CleanCo wash undercover?

We are proud to say we wash under cover. This has the advantage of quality control and being a more pleasant place for the drivers and employees to be during washing.


What Guarantees does CleanCo offer?

Best Wash Guarantee: At CleanCo we are proud of the wash we offer. However, occasionally we will miss a spot. Please talk to one of our friendly staff and we will put your truck back through the wash. We do not want you to leave CleanCo with anything but a spotless truck and a smile on your face.


What happens to the waste water, toxic dirt and grime from the trucks?

We take waste treatment of water very seriously. At CleanCo we have custom designed channels in our wash bays where the waste water flows into. After moving through these channels it ends up in the pit where the waste is then separated into a triple intercepter. The triple interceptor then separates the waste of the heavy sediment so primarily the carbons and PH levels are within council-approved standards before the resulting waste water is disposed of. We have our triple interceptor cleaned regularly by a waste professional and the water quality is tested by an independent party and reported on a regular basis to the Council, who also conduct their own checks to ensure we are in-compliance.