Truck Washing Services


CleanCo TruckWash specialises in cleaning commercial vehicles to a high standard – to promote your business brand out on the road.

Hand Wash and Automation Washing

All our washing is done under cover using a mixture of Hand Washing and Water Blasting (soap applied under pressure) to get rid of the hard to remove dirt.

All Cabs are hand washed in detail along with the chassis, underbody, wheels and deck and we then use our automated gantries with rollers to clean on top of the truck and side body / curtains.

We wash with clean water that has undergone our own filtration process and rinse off with rain water.


An optional Tyre Revival with Silicon applied to your tyres by our trained staff.


An optional sanitiser product is available for food related cleaning.

Excess Dirt

Dirt, road grime and bugs requiring extra time using double foam is charged as an extra.

cleanco truckwash clean truck
cleanco truckwash soapy wheel


  • Tyre Revival with silicon professionally applied by our trained staff.
  • Tar removal
  • Steam cleans and
  • High Pressure box washout.
  • Polishing
Please check our pricelist for different truck sizes


  • Professional Clean

    You will get a professional clean because we are using the correct chemical, we are washing indoors and using correct washing techniques. A clean truck is the best billboard for your company!

  • Environmentally friendly

    Environmentally friendly - we treat and dispose of the waste water from washing trucks and vehicles. Washing vehicles at your own premises and disposing of the waste water incorrectly or down a storm water drain can carry a severe infringement fine.

  • Trucks are driven immediately

    Trucks are driven immediately after washing - this dries out the brakes and prevents corrosion on the discs and drums.

  • A dirty truck will get stopped

    A dirty truck will get stopped more often when at the scales for citations or violations than a clean truck. Trust CleanCo keep your trucks glistening!

Please check our locations for detail of services and opening hours - Auckland - Hamilton - Tauranga - Highbrook - Wellington - Christchurch.  

cleanco truckwash soapy truck